Restaurants Have An Alternative Garbage Disposal Option

One of the most annoying problems in commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens is clogged drains and grease traps. Having them pumped out regularly is an inconvenient, expensive, and often odorous proposition. There must be a better way. Kitchen workers are not perfect and things other than grease such as food debris and paper items end up in the grease trap filling it or clogging it. Now, there is a Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative to help solve the clogged drain problem.

What May Not Work

Adding chemicals and micro-organisms can only be marginally effective. They may work on food debris but will not break down man-made debris like straws, margarine cups, and other small inorganic scraps that build up. The grease trap gets debris from the sink drains and the floor drains. Kitchen sink strainers may work for low-use sinks but they stop the draining of water as well as food solids if they are not emptied often in busy commercial kitchens. Many municipalities have banned commercial garbage disposals because they don’t want food waste entering the city sewer system. Another problem is that Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair can be expensive. When a Commercial Garbage Disposal Jammed it stopped the kitchen operations until fixed. What is the perfect solution?


A New Commercial Garbage Disposal Alternative

Brian Ash, a former restaurant owner had all these problems in his Italian restaurant. Then, he searched for the perfect alternative to what was on the market, but not working well. His solution was to have his handyman build a strainer drawer similar to what can be found on commercial dishwashers. These catch and strainer drawers can be installed below each commercial sink to capture all the solid debris without impeding water flow. The drawer is easy to pull out and empty. This solution requires no electricity and prevents food debris from entering sewer systems. They can be installed without removing garbage disposals. This garbage strainer solution gives protection to wall drains, floor drains, and grease traps. No more clogs and back-ups.

Since there are different sizes of commercial kitchens and sinks, there are several sizes of Drain Strainer solid separators available. The four choices are the compact model, the drain plate model, the crown adapter, and the Extra Large drain strainer. These strainer drawers can all be ordered online at TheDrainStrainer. This alternative to commercial garbage disposals is environmentally friendly and cost effective for commercial kitchen owners. Go to the website to get more information and to see if this alternative will work in a particular kitchen.


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